Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Happy Feet Environment

Not many think of Antarctica much. Not many would consider the life of a penguin or maybe a polar bear. The movie 'Happy Feet' really taps into the issues that can arise when we don't think of the environment around us. The movie pushes a strong message about fisherman that are taking all the fish, and thus affecting the lives of animals such as penguins.

The news recently reported that polar bears could go extinct soon, due to global warming. There are social issues in our world that are good to be aware of. Personally, I don't understand how I can stop global warming, or change the unjust actions of fisherman, but atleast the World is first starting to become aware of these issues.

I admire the Christians that have been called into making a difference in the arena of social/environmental issues, and pray that God will empower them to create change that will reconcile the World back to Him.

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