Monday, January 29, 2007

The future awaits...

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Well some of you that read my blog probably know I've been pretty busy lately. You know. Moving into College. It's all exciting. Unpacking boxes, farewell meetings, hellos, goodbyes, welcomes, sianaras, the list goes on.

So what's my great spiritual insight, in amongst all the tears, anxiousness and joy? Hmm... We gotta be radical for Jesus. No more sitting around, spending all our days reading blogs. Isn't that right guys? Except reading this blog. Isn't that right guys?

The Holy Spirit wants to do something radical in each of our lives. He's ready to speak into our lives, heal our hurts and transform us into the likeness of Jesus. Exciting times...

Well, the future awaits... If I am able to have Internet access, I'll keep the site updated lots. Thanks to those guys recently who have been praying for Jo and I and also for those that have made generous financial gifts to support us through College.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stuck in the Mundane

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Packing boxes. Packing boxes. Washing the dishes.

I just wanna reach the lost with the message of Jesus.

Packing boxes. Cleaning bedrooms.

I feel like I'm stuck in the mundane. It's not my fault though, I'm moving into the Salvo Training College, so I got to do it. I'm still passionate about God though, even though I'm not currently involved in any revolutionary kind of ministry that is changing the World.

A guy back in the 17th Century knows what I'm talking about. Brother Lawrence (1614 - 1691) spent most of his life as a monk, working in the kitchen of the monastery, day in, day out. He had tremendous influence on the Kingdom of God though, because he simply served God and people sought after him for spiritual guidance.

Check out one of his writings called, Practicing the Presence of God.

Lord, let me serve you in the mundane. Although I look forward to the radical times ahead, help me to be faithful with what you've called me to do right now.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Pete & Jo Tribute Night

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This Saturday, come along and celebrate the ministry Jo and I have been a part of at Werribee Salvos. (If you're wondering a bit of SUPPER is provided!). Also, if you're good mates with me, bring a decent offering so Jo & I can get through Salvo Training College a little easier... ;)
Praise God!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mindless Entertainment

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I find myself frustrated recently when watching the news. During 30 minutes of news coverage, the first five minutes is about who died recently in Melbourne, the next 5 is coverage of politics that is really only arguing amongst politicians. The next 10 minutes is about pop stars that are in court, the paparazzi and whose marrying whose famous relative. The next 8 minutes are re-runs of sport from 2 days ago and then two minutes for the weather.

I wonder though... How many Iraqi soldiers were killed today? How many youth have committed suicide recently? Is the future of the Tamil tigers and the Sri Lankan Government improving? Whose providing fresh water to the people of Sudan? Are we doing anything to improve world poverty? Have we built the infrastructure following the devastating Tsunami?

Do we care more about the "Pop Culture" than we do the World issues? Will people see Christ in us, when we think less of ourselves and whose on the cover of Woman's Day, but act on the injustices of this World?

Channel Nine if you're listening... We're sick of mindless entertainment. Let's work together to bring awareness and change to a World that desperately needs something greater than mere gimmicks and the latest pop news.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Believer's Creed

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I believe life is more than survival.
I believe the heart is more than a muscle.
I believe we can know right from wrong.
I believe in hope and freedom.
I believe my life can make a difference.
I believe the message of the cross.
What do you believe?
(c) 2004 OneWayOut

I believe following Jesus should be radical
I believe being filled with the Holy Spirit gives us the power we need for ministry
I believe the Salvation Army is a passionate movement reaching the lost
I believe I'm a part of that movement
I believe Corps Planting needs to be a focus for our Territory
I believe we are called to do more than maintain, but to establish and build
I believe that in the future God is going to bring breath and life into our Salvation Army.
I believe it. Do you?

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

I consider our Church to be Traditional?

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The Australia Southern Territory did a Natural Church Development survey back in 2005, and struggled with the question, 'Do you consider your church to be traditional?'

A guy named Joe S Ellis says, 'Traditionalism elevates expedient forms or practises to a sacrosanct position and insists on their perpetuation. Traditions frequently outlive any semblance of reason. Tradition may become a handicap...'

Are you still with me? The Salvation Army struggled generally with this question, maybe because in the past we've focused too much on preserving the form of the Army, as opposed to the mission of the Army. See, our mission is to reach the lost. The form that that takes should look different as our world changes/progresses. (If I'm still singing 'Shout to the Lord' in 2040, I'll shoot myself - and Darlene from Hillsong church will probably shoot me too).

Lets recapture the thought, that the Salvation Army is about bringing salvation to the lost, and within that, reforming society. We are not called to go into all the world and make brass players. Nor are we called to make soliders who just sit in church on Sundays. We are called to build an army sold out to Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit. Lets seek first the Kingdom of God and let everything else be secondary to that.

Whose with me? Whose gonna change their world for Jesus? Don't be sold out to holding onto traditions, but hold on to the author and perfector of our faith - JESUS!

Monday, January 1, 2007

2007: A Year of Fruitfulness

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Last year, contained many challenges and many busy nights involved in ministry. The ministry at Werribee was starting to take form, and take off, but then God has called Jo and I off to the Salvo Training College. Bec Shinkel said to me, 'You know Pete, you'll probably never get to see the benefits of the work you've put into our Youth Ministry.' What a funny thing. Right when things are beginning to take shape, God says, 'Oih! You! It's time to move on!' I guess God has it in control of course, but my heart knows that for Werribee, 2007 will be a year of fruitfulness.

The seeds are planted, and they're ready to blossom. The church is ready for something bigger. The church is beginning to be expectanct again for miracles, for Jesus to transform lives and the community to be reformed. The church will move into its new facilities in the early part of the year, and momentum will build. The church community will continue to express its love for Christ through it's wider community involvement. People will be saved. 2007, will be a year of fruitfulness.

Kev said in a prayer meeting recently, that we need to continue to be faithful, and frutifulness will flow out from that. If we strive to be faithful to God and the leading of the Holy Spirit, then God will birth results that will amaze us and bless us. The apostle John knew this, when he wrote, 'If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit' (15:5). I pray God will help Werribee Salvos continue to be faithful, passionate and intentional about growing the Kingdom, and I believe God will make 2007 a year... of fruitfulness.

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