Monday, January 1, 2007

2007: A Year of Fruitfulness

Last year, contained many challenges and many busy nights involved in ministry. The ministry at Werribee was starting to take form, and take off, but then God has called Jo and I off to the Salvo Training College. Bec Shinkel said to me, 'You know Pete, you'll probably never get to see the benefits of the work you've put into our Youth Ministry.' What a funny thing. Right when things are beginning to take shape, God says, 'Oih! You! It's time to move on!' I guess God has it in control of course, but my heart knows that for Werribee, 2007 will be a year of fruitfulness.

The seeds are planted, and they're ready to blossom. The church is ready for something bigger. The church is beginning to be expectanct again for miracles, for Jesus to transform lives and the community to be reformed. The church will move into its new facilities in the early part of the year, and momentum will build. The church community will continue to express its love for Christ through it's wider community involvement. People will be saved. 2007, will be a year of fruitfulness.

Kev said in a prayer meeting recently, that we need to continue to be faithful, and frutifulness will flow out from that. If we strive to be faithful to God and the leading of the Holy Spirit, then God will birth results that will amaze us and bless us. The apostle John knew this, when he wrote, 'If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit' (15:5). I pray God will help Werribee Salvos continue to be faithful, passionate and intentional about growing the Kingdom, and I believe God will make 2007 a year... of fruitfulness.

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