Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Embrace the change

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I've only ever heard Chick Yuill speak once, and it was atleast 5 years ago. I've heard a lot of sermons since then, but his message I remember very cleary... EMBRACE CHANGE. Embrace, embrace, embrace, embrace change.

Why is it that we struggle to embrace change at times? I think it is partly because of the loss of something that we grieve. A ministry changes and you enjoyed it more beforehand. A leader changes position and you really loved the leader beforehand.

There are a few things we really must do. We must learn to accept the loss that we have incurred. We should openly acknowledge the loss we have experienced, and then we must reconstruct our attitudes to embrace the new reality that is before us.

When God is the instigator of a change, I've learnt to say, God this is for a time such as this, I will follow and embrace the future with excitement!

The Salvation Army is in a time of change. We need to embrace it.
From worship as music, to worship as lifestyle.
From programs to relationships.
From maintenance to vision.
From Attractional, to a greater emphasis on being incarnational.
From Sunday meetings, to an everyday impact.
From hierarchical, to a greater empowerment of leaders.
From a CO pastors everyone, to everyone pastors everyone.
From CO's to teams.
From decline, to growth... to revival... to revolution!!!

Lets embrace change!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The day after Tomorrow

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Watched a movie last night, you may have seen it? The Day After Tomorrow... The movie is about climate change, and tells a sensational story of a large storm that freezes over the entire northen hemisphere. Anyway regardless of the plot of the movie there are some blatant points regarding the issue of global warming.

I thought it was worth highlighting this issue to people today. What an issue?! Lets use our resources intelligently. Lets advocate for politicians to be concerned with global warming. Lets pray about it more often, lets begin to be very concerned about it!
In 2 Corinthians 5 you may know the verses that encourage the people to understand that God wants the whole world reconciled to himself in Christ, including creation. We have a cultural mandate to care for the Lord's creation and so lets be good stewards of it...

Things are heating up? Can you not feel it?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Global Leadership Summit

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I went to some of the Global Leadership Summit recently and here's some leadership thoughts for you:

* Vision leaks: Recast vision all the time.

* What is a leaders greatest fear? Fear of failure...

* "The higher you rise in an organisation the less truth you hear" - Colin Powell

* Most of the time we are 'doing good', but are we doing the 'most good'? Are we using our time and resources to the best of our ability, producing the best results?

* If you're nervous when you preach, and your palms are sweaty and your lips are dry, try licking your palms.

* In your leadership teams promote a clash of ideas. Encourage team members to participate. Leave the meeting with a united resolution for the future.

* Maintain an open door policy (expect when going to the toilet)

* Don't let your position get so close to your ego, that when your position goes, your ego goes.

* Have an optimistic attitude. Adopt the idea, that things will always look better in the morning.

* Employees that are highly motivated have a 40% higher performance in the workplace than those who are unmotivated.

* Get people around you that give you a motivational 'jolt' when they walk into the room.

* Make a point of rubbing shoulders with exceptionally inspiring people!

* Connect everyone you lead to a compelling cause

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

TACO Trivia Night

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What a night!
Two venues, same time, same date:
VENUE 1: Salvation Army Training College, 303 Royal Parade, Parkville [Level 10]
Call Nicole Snead ASAP on 9342 2261
VENUE 2: Wyndham City Salvation Army, 211 Watton St, Werribee
Call Pete Brookshaw ASAP on 0412 997 125

Monday, October 15, 2007

A time for...

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Well, it's that time of year for cadets, where the studies are pilling up and the second years are getting ready for their commissioning. Exciting times for these guys. Just been thinking about the writer of the book of Ecclesiastes, and I want to offer these thoughts:

There's a time for study and a time for ministry
A time for sowing and a time for reaping
A time for praying and a time for acting
A time for working and a time for rest
A time for evangelising and a time for discipling
A time for silence and a time for pentecostal celebration
A time for a revolution of our hearts, a time for a revolution in the world

Lord, lead us, guide us, challenge us, and empower us. Praise Jesus.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Time for a Revolution

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The momentum is building. Do you feel it? The wheels are turning. Changes are happening. Cabinet is shuffling. Training College is moving. Corps are seeing lives transformed. Communities are being reformed.

We are living in exciting times. And I've been praying for a revolution. A complete change... For example:

* Corps that are not declining but Corps that are growing!
* More cadets entering College than Officers retiring!
* More soldiers being enrolled than soldiers putting down their armour
* More corps being planted than corps closing their doors
* People filled with the Holy Spirit, charismatic, loving, passionate...
* Social Centres becoming Social Jesus Centres (where Jesus IS the centre!)

It's TIME FOR A REVOLUTION! Spread the word. Make the change. Advocate for the difference. Jesus is Lord!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

What about this Drought?

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Lord, send the rain! That's what we've been praying for. But we need to pray for it more. We need to pray with a greater faith. Farmers are losing their financial security, and according to Major Lyn Cochrane, even if the drought breaks, it could be a further 12 years for a dairy farmer to get back on top of things! Ouch!! No wonder there is depression for some, family breakdowns for others, and generations of farming communities in despair!

What can we do about it? From our end, there are atleast two things that come to mind. We should continue to conserve water. Not just for our sake, but for the sake of our communities. I also know that we need to continue to pray. While up north in Rochester, while praying with others about the drought, I was reminded of the scripture of the lady going back to the Judge to get a verdict. Back, and back, and back she went, pleading with the judge for a verdict. That's a scripture for us. Let's pray. And if you've been praying, great. But continue to pray. And if you've got that attitude right now, that's saying, 'Well I have been praying, what else do you want me to do!' Get over the attitude and pray some more. Pray with a greater faith. Believe when you ask, God will provide.

My thoughts go out to all the farmers and families directly affected by the drought.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Mission Week in Northern Vic

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What a week!
Just finished a Holiday Program in Rochester. We had 66 different kids come along at some point in the program. We were singing songs about Jesus, we had Godman and SpeedDemon dramas, Stevie the Super Salvo puppet, games and loads of fun.

Most of the kids that came along were unchurched kids, which is all the better. What an opportunity to run a creative, exciting few days full of gospel sharing and relationship building!

We spent some time Milking Cows on Monday. Ergh! Nothing but poo and wee! I think it's an oxymoron that from such filthy, smelly cows, can come warm, fresh milk!! Interesting creation Lord.
Let me say, there seems to be nothing better than letting people have the opportunity to hear the gospel and respond to it. Lets be creative, innovative and do what we can to invest in people's lives...

There's one thing that challenges me so much since being in the country these few days, and that is the draught. There's simply no water. Dams are dry. Farmers are stressed. Families are breaking down. People are committing suicide. Farmers are downsizing their stock, prices are going up. Some are moving to the city looking for new employment. GOD SEND THE RAIN! IN the name of JESUS!

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