Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Personality Profiles

Ever completed a psychological test? I had to fill out one recently (a part of the recruitment process for Salvation Army Officership!) One of my potential development needs relates to being highly critical of the status quo and finding it difficult conforming to the rules.

Oh oh. I believe I constantly question the status quo and I love to find ways to implement strategies to improve the way we do things. Although I need to keep in check with the passion I have for changing/improving the systems we find ourselves in, I do believe we need to constantly look at the processes and control measures we endorse and see if we can find innovative ways to do new and more effective things...

Anyway, Personality Profiles! Over the last few months I've seen the benefit of leaders being well informed of knowing people's personalities and their talents and spiritual giftings. Salvationist Sam Hancock comes to mind as a great leader within The Salvation Army, who could spend 15 minutes with you and be able to describe your personality coherently. He then is able to quickly consider ministries that he believes you would excel in. Imagine as a leader, we were able to discern quickly, whether someone is:

Introverted or Extroverted
Cautious or Enthusiastic
Trusting or Suspicious
Direct or Restrained
Confident or Self-Doubting
Relaxed or Tense-Driven
Stable or Anxious
Agreeable or Independent
Creative or Tough Minded

What a great benefit to know much about personality profiles and how to use them to influence people for the sake of the gospel of Jesus. Don't be naive, but learn and grow in order to be more effective for the Lord.

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