Thursday, December 14, 2006

Are you the making of a Revolutionary?

Are you Faithful, Available and Teachable? Are you radical and passionate about God, and growing his Kingdom? Are you willing to risk persecution in the church to reach people outside the church?

Revolutionaries understand that to see God grow the Church, the solutions to the issues of people leaving the church need to be different to the solutions used for a previous generation. Teenagers of Australia are displeased with the Church, yet are open to experiences of spirituality and even God and Jesus. A Revolutionary needs to look and relook at biblical examples of the birth of the Christian church... The Christians were a movement. They were defined, not by their buildings, but by their unified vision. They were a mixed group of Christ-followers (with many varying theological viewpoints), but the apostles (revolutionaries!) continually shared the vision of taking the message of Jesus to those who had not even heard that name.

Who will take the message of Jesus to the High-Schools? Who will take the message to the Shopping Centres? Who will take the message to Parliament? Who will take the message to the lonely? Revolutionaries live out the message of Jesus in these areas, and they take their bible and their passion for God and let the Holy Spirit transform the areas in which they live.

Give up working for no reason. Give up going to school with no purpose. Give up trying to impress your friends. There's something bigger at stake here. God's waiting to bring a Revolution, and he's looking around to see, is there anyone here who has the making of a Revolutionary???

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