Saturday, December 9, 2006

City Outreach Stories 2

Tonight there was just three of us (Pete, Jo and Shaun), and we met up in the western suburbs for some prayer and outreach into the community. We read some things from the Bible, Isaiah chapter 58 and 61... The Holy Spirit was already moving, so we were excited to get out onto the town.

So we went down to some shops in Altona, and wondered what God wanted us to do. We looked around and saw heaps of Shopping Trolleys just hanging around, so we spent the next hour cleaning them up. We continued to pray that God would continue to use us, then all of a sudden we saw Shaun's sister at the shops, around midnight. We got to talking a little, and she asked what were we doing. We said, 'We're just cleaning up some trolleys.' And then she responds, 'ohh, ok.... cool.' (Whatever takes your fancy!)

Following that God encounter we went off to the main street in Altona and prayed over a 'pasta' shop that had recently had stories of sexual immorality and other things happen in the shop. So we prayed against those things in the name of Jesus, and then went home at about 1:30pm. It was a pretty good night, and God will bless those that step out in faith to achieve something for him.

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