Saturday, December 2, 2006

City Outreach Stories

Well, last night I caught up with a few mates. We spent a little time praying for each other and then we went off into the city of Melbourne at 11pm. A couple of the girls (Jo and Sarah) went off by themselves and found a drunk girl that needed some comfort. They ended up walking her all the way home to the Docklands, and along the way told her about the hope we have in Jesus! How cool!

Simon and I were walking along, constantly praying that the Holy Spirit would lead us. All of a sudden, I had a little thought in my mind, so I said to Simon, 'I think I want to pray outside this shop...' Anyway, I prayer briefly and meanwhile some security guard was looking on... We started a conversation with this man, and he turned out to be a Muslim man and we talked for well over an hour about, his beliefs and our beliefs. We said, we believe that when we pray to God, we can only do that through Jesus Christ. (He didn't get saved, but it was great to share/teach about Jesus!)

Later on, we found a busker (from Williamstown) that we talked too about a month ago. He asked what we were doing and I boldly answered, 'We've just been talking to a Muslim guy, trying to convince him to believe in Jesus.' Then he's like, 'Ohh, I know a song my mate wrote, saying, I don't believe in Jesus...' Then for some reason I said he should go buy the Passion of Christ movie and watch it. All of a sudden, he said, 'Ok, cool. I might do that.'

One more story! Jo and Sarah were standing outside Melbourne Central Station at 2am Saturday morning, and began talking to a guy. The guy was a 21 year old, who use to go to the Lutheran Church. The conversation takes off and Jo ends up sharing a history lesson on what the early Salvation Army is about. He seems intrigued, and Jo believes God used them to reignite a guy that had fallen away from the faith.

What an AWESOME night!

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