Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Organised Religion

True story: Back when I was running Kid's Church, I asked a mother whether she would bring her children along. She said with a hint of sarcasm, 'Sorry, I'm not into organised religion.' I quickly replied, 'Organised? Turn up an hour early and you'll realise we're not into being organised!'

Is it said of late, that our culture (Australia) is open to things of spirituality, Angels and God, but have turned their backs on the church. Why is it that we still operate our churches the same that we did in 1950, yet expect to still reach our culture? Let's face the reality, that we need our churches to know what it means to be missional and then practice it. 'Worship music' that predates the life of Jesus, is not gonna cut it, for a younger generation, who watch the latest Video Hits...

As a younger generation lives in what some label as 'postmodernism', to what extent do we need to hold onto modernist structures, that were functional/effective back in their days? How do we 'organise' our Christianity for this generation, so that all are seen as equal, yet some are in positions that require leadership? How do we allow there to be diversity (as opposed to the modernist viewpoint of uniformity), while still allowing God to grow the Salvation Army? How do we 'organise' a large (growing?) organisation, so that people are empowered and not controlled, yet still work within the Lord's boundaries? Are you with me? Interesting questions... I love the Salvation Army. I love it so much, that I will work hard for it to change, in order that a new generation of young people are involved and passionate about its cause.

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