Sunday, December 24, 2006

We will not be a Silent Generation

We will not be silent. We will not be distracted. We will not lose focus on the mission God has given us. We're the Gen Y generation.

We are passionate. We are bold. We are sometimes loud. We are enthusiastic. We have vision. We have dreams. We will continue fighting until the day of the Lord's return.

We understand people in the past have tried things and failed. We want to try again. We understand that our culture has changed, so we must change. We are willing to try new things. We are willing to pay the price.

We believe strongly in the second blessing of the Holy Spirit. No one will stray us from that belief. We understand that the Holy Spirit's power is greater than anything we have ever seen, and we believe Jesus wants to impart that power to us, when we ask.

Some say we're arrogant and judgemental; but lets not confuse boldness and faith and passion with stupid unrighteousness. We need no longer to be a silent majority. There are many silent, fired up salvationists in our territory, that I believe need to take a stand for passion and vision, so that together we are sold out movement for the salvation of the world.

One thing we can all be sure of, when it comes to the Gen Y's. We WILL NOT BE a SILENT GENERATION!

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