Monday, December 26, 2011

My 2011 Journey of Discovery

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Personally if I could sum up 2011 in a few words, I would choose words such as perseverance and growth along with the breaking of a drought which I will explain.

Perseverance is that character trait needed when the circumstances are not reaching the vision you had in mind. You need a dose of it when you are attempting to move people towards their God given destiny. You need it when you want to witness a movement that is Holy Spirit led and is ushering in the expansion of the Kingdom of God. You must have it when you feel like a failure and God still has a plan. You must embrace it when the Lord has spoken in your heart about entering the promised land, and you still find yourself in a place of slavery!

How my heart longs for greater perseverance. God is fulfilling his plan. Souls are being saved. Justice is becoming a reality. Our community is slowly reflecting a 'heaven on earth' kind of picture. Lord, I need perseverance - so one day I will step back and hear God say, 'Hey, well done mate, my good and faithful servant'.

As I contemplate on 2011 I think of 'growth' as a key, defining word for my ministry. When I say growth, I mean the sharpening of the theological tool kit, and the deepening of the understanding of leadership, and the greater capacity to effectively and effeciently complete the administrative expectations of The Salvation Army. I do hope in 2012 growth might once again sum up my personal journey with the Lord. The most important growth I look for, is the deepening of my relationship with Jesus, including being able to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying, and to preach what God would have me preach, and to find myself captured by the presence of God as I pray and reflect.

When I mention the breaking of a drought in 2011, I picture my local Salvation Army Corps (Palmerston Salvos) fully embracing the work of God, and engaging wholeheartedly in reaching their city with the love of Christ. A couple of months ago, I had a picture of a waterfall, and that our community of faith was diving deeper into the waters, instead of walking around in circles in a stagnant pool of water. The waterfall and subsequent river was a sign of blessing, favour, and God fulfilling his mission through us in our part of the world.

Lord I pray for those churches, para-church organisations, businesses and nonforprofits who find themselves stagnated, in a pool of murky water and who have lost their sense of purpose and vision. Reignite their passion and vision, and push them into a place of effectiveness and usefulness, in Jesus' name.

There you have it. 2011 - A year of perseverance, growth and the breaking of a spiritual drought! Bring on 2012!

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