Monday, July 24, 2006

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What does it mean to be a Revolutionary?
In the next few months, on Revolution Earth, I'm going to start discussing about what it means to be a Revolutionary. Stay tuned for More...

Did someone say the J word?

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The other day, I was freaking out! I was running a class at a local Secondary College, and the class was about, 'Poverty in Australia.' That wasn't the 'freaking out' bit... but when I played a DVD clip I had found, it had background music that was all about the J word! You know... 'Jesus!' Ahhhh!

Here I am in this (secular) school and I've got music going on all about Jesus. I slumped into my chair... After the clip I was surprised that the class wasn't throwing eggs at me. They didn't really care!! After all that stressing, they didn't mind.

I learnt a cool thing that day. Talking about Jesus isn't as bad as we think.

If you're wondering about it, I just want to say, Jesus is the one who can help you in your life. If you're feeling down or life's going bad, just pray to him and let me know how he answers. Just try it. Trust him.

Why Leadership?

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You say, "I'm young, I don't need boring stuff like leadership!"

I say, "If you want to make a significant impact for God, then you need to learn about leadership!"

Leadership is simply about having influence. If you're in a crowd, it's easy to see who's the leader, by who everyone follows. If people are all talking, who does everyone listen to? If we want to make a great impact for God, then we need to learn to build influence, so our mates and others will listen to us when we speak.

Stick around into the future, because I'll be posting some full-on stuff about leadership, that will help you make a difference in our communities.

Do what it takes!

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After watching a bit of CSI last night, I flicked over the channel and saw some stuff about a guy named Pastor Bill. He runs a huge Sunday School in New York and reaches over 20,000 kids from some of the most broken places in that area. It was so innovative how he shared a radical message about Jesus and what he can do in your life.

The underlying thing that I wanted readers to know is Bill's passion to reach the lost. He said he would do anything morally and ethically acceptable to reach people with the message of Jesus! I think as young people we need to do whatever we can, whether it be dressing differently, learning to skate or how to beatbox, in order to have guys open to hearing the awesome message of Jesus.

Will you do what it takes?

Friday, July 21, 2006


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Get Ready Melbourne, Australia: Youth Alive @ Rod Laver Arena...

I wish I could say I am good friends with Reggie Dabbs (above), but unfortunately I'm not. Bummer! Anyways, he'll blow the house down on the night, so bring some mates along!

Revolution Earth is gonna rock!

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Welcome guys!

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