Thursday, December 21, 2006


The news is Fresh! Werribee Salvos have just entered into an agreement to purchase a new Worship Venue in Werribee, called Silver Birches. God is awesome! Let me tell you the story...

For the last 6 years Werribee Salvos have been on the lookout for a bigger property in order to maintain the steady growth of the church. Nothing was happening. Over 6 months ago a place came up, that we thought God might want us to have, but after a whole lot of prayer and paperwork, the franchise, 'Dimmeys' bought out this property. Back to the drawing board. What was God doing? Why wasn't his perfect Will happening??

Then we came upon a Reception Centre for sale (Called Silver Birches), and the wheels started to slowly turn towards this property. My biggest thanks goes out to our senior minister, Cpt. Kevin Lumb, for all the tireless work he has put into making this a reality. I understand others have put much work in, including DHQ and THQ staff, but I know Kev has spent many late nights filling out paperwork and submissions to make it happen, almost to the point of burning the candle to the ground! (Perserverence has paid off Kev, and this inspires us all).

Why didn't we receive the first property from the Lord? He had a better plan for us. Praise God. Never give up on the vision God has placed on your heart, work at it with all your might, in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

One other thing: God gets all the glory.

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