Friday, July 23, 2010

Throw another snag on the barbie - Connecting with Aussies

Well, grab the snags out and chuck 'em on the barbie, it's time to have a look at Aussie culture. Let's check it out guys.

Imagine - I'm an Australian:

I'm content with the ordinary life - don't worry too much about this great Australian dream. I just want a house that's paid for, a couple of kids and the chance to go on a holiday every now and then. 

We're not big on people being in the spotlight 'too' much, but if there's a battler who has hit the limelight - that's ok with us. But Eddie McGuire - too much success - we don't like it. We're ordinary Aussies.

An average day - making breaky for the kids, bringing the bin in, taking the kids to work, checking facebook before we get into the priorities for the day. By 4:30pm there's an itching to get to the local pub, or get home and throw the spaghetti in the pot and watch a bit of MasterChef. We don't mind seeing a current affair show that nabs the dodgy carsalesman red-handed. We kiss the kids goodnight, update our twitter or Excel budget sheet, and find a quiet five minutes to relax with the missus before bed. We're content with life; while wishing it was a little less hectic, we appreciate selfishly that we don't live in Ethiopia. We head off to bed, wondering what life might be like in a different time, and a different place...

We Aussies don't think of religion much. We're frustrated when religion is thrust upon us, and we conjure up memories of what organised religion did to us in the past. We're happy to live each day as it comes, and hey, when the end comes, as long as I've enjoyed the ride. Just keep that religion out of everyday life... Don't, for goodness sake, let it affect my family and my time of rest. And what's with religion and politics always wanting to be so closely connected? That annoys the heck out of me. They can keep their organised religion.


What does the life of Jesus say to an Aussie culture? What about - how does the life of Jesus, and the culture of Australia impact how Christians should live (How do we do evangelism is an effective way)? Would Jesus say to the Australian Church, hey, why not drop your nets into the other side of the boat? Try to connect around the barbie instead of putting up barbed wire. Try socialising over a drink (even if its Lemon Squash) instead of merely sipping 'the' drink. Live out your Christianity among your mates. Stop compartmentalising your Sunday Church from your Tuesday movie. Be in the world, and connect with the people and the culture. Sure - don't be of the world, but don't have some conjured up fear about connecting with everyday Aussies. We all need Jesus. We all need the saving, powerful work of Jesus in our lives, and by golly gee wizz, Aussies need Jesus!

C'mon, turn the snags over, and flip the onions. It's time to have a chat about this Jesus bloke... "So you say he rose from the grave or something...?"

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  1. Do you look to build friendships only because you have an agenda to introduce them to Christianity? What if they show and/or express no interest in it? Does that friendship quickly die as you move onto to the next targeted person?

  2. You know the answer to that Jack.
    If you're asking me personally, then no I don't do that. If you're passionate about footy, you'll share about footy to other people, quite often at times when the person couldn't care less about football. Is that rude? Not really, it's someone being passionate about something and sharing their passion with someone else.
    Good to see you commenting again. :)

  3. Hey Pete,
    Love the blog! I think aussies just want something authentic, and having an honest chat over the bbq is easy, non thretening and a place where everyone can say what they think without getting drilled. In the end the good news is still the power of God to save.
    Bless ya

  4. I'll bring the chick peas and prawns! I'm all for this bbq lifestyle + Jesus. Or should I say Jesus + bbq lifestyle ? either way, I gotta work a bit more on my Sunday to Tuesday routine, maybe everyone does? Thanks for your blogs.

  5. I have to disagree with your response to Jack, Pete. Footy is one thing, God and life's meaning is another thing. People may want to let go of their footy preference for a bit but not of their deep convictions regarding life and existence and how they have to live. Two very different passions, footy is pretty straight forward really but God is not.Sometimes your comparisons lack substance. I agree with Jack that a lot of your posts seem to be targeted to converting everyone rather than understanding them and learning from them. You keep emphasising that people have to do this or that in regards to Salvation. Ever crossed your mind that they do not care and do not want you to interfere with their salvation? I still wonder by what standard, Christians think that they are better people when really they are constantly intolerant of other people and constantly trying to change them, it is really like the Judgment before the Judgment.


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