Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Sweet Potato Test

Last night I was eating some roasted sweet potato. I thought I recognised the taste. It tasted just like roasted pumpkin!! I love roast pumpkin...

Then I had a thought... Say that being a Christian is like being a roast pumpkin. (bear with me a minute) Some people walk around as if they are roast pumpkin but are really just a copy; they are sweet potatos!

Ever wondered whether sometimes we pretend to be good Christians, we put on a front at Church, we wear the right uniform and say all the amens at all the right places? But are we really authentic?

This is a test on Integrity. Are we the same person in any situation? Are we the same God-fearing, worshipper at the local sports club, or when spending time with the family? Are you always living knowing that it's no longer you that lives, but Christ who lives in you? Be authentic. Be real. Be genuiune. Always live with holiness, passion, and with the power of the Spirit in your life.

Stop and think right now. Maybe its time to give yourself the Sweet Potato Test...

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