Friday, May 4, 2007

Stop working on your weaknesses!

How often, when it comes to our skills, do we spend most of our time working on our weaknesses? Now, here's the thought that John Maxwell puts forward...
If you are at Uni and you get B's for Maths, and you get D's for English, most people would say, you need to work on your English, so you can improve. But what if, you spent your time working on your strength? All of a sudden, through hard work, you can go from B's in Maths, to A+'s!
If you have the spiritual gift of Preaching and Evangelising, then work on strengthening that gift. Work on your strength, and become an expert at it! Say, the same person, struggles with pastoring people. Why spend all your time working on being a better pastor, when you will probably only improve to the level of being an average pastor... Work on your strength and build others around you that compensate for your weaknesses!
Someone said to John Maxwell, during a Q & A time, and they said, 'Well, what about Tiger Woods? When he plays a dreadful round of golf, he goes back to the driving range and practices his swing. That is a prime example of someone working on their weakness!' John Maxwell thinks for a minute... and replies, 'With all do respect sir, Tiger Woods, is the best golfer in the World. This is a man who is spending time on his strength... Now if I had a bad round of golf... and went to the driving range... That would be definitely someone working on their weakness.'
Lets do it. Work on your strengths and become great at it, and not just good.

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