Saturday, May 12, 2007

Skpe: Change in the Communication World

Who wants to pay for overseas calls anymore? You simply download a program called Skype, and the other person downloads Skype and you both have a webcam and you're set. Free video calls to your friends overseas? What a Revolution?! My Uncle was recently chatting with my Dad living overseas in Michigan, USA, for one whole hour for FREE.

What about Telstra and Optus? Their whole income through Overseas calls is in jeopardy! This brings a complete change in the Communication arena...

Here's my thought for the Christian community today: Are we in need of some sort of missional method (call it emerging, call it what you will), that differs from methods used years ago (methods that used to work, but no longer work) ? Do we need to work at welcoming people that aren't Christians into communities of believers, as opposed to inviting them to a Church Building? Is it more about sharing 'life' together (whatever that means) as opposed to running nice smelling 'Christian Programs'?

Telstra's mission is most likely not to provide International Phone lines so people can connect via the phone, but part of their mission statement would probably be to provide the most effective way of connecting friends from one country to another.

Our mission is not to bring people to a Church building. Our mission is for people to believe in Jesus Christ and become a Disciple of him. If there's better ways to fulfill that, then lets explore...

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