Friday, April 27, 2007

Time to Dream. Time to Prophecy. Time to Vision-Cast.

What's the time Mr. Wolf? I caught up with a mate today and we spent some time writing down ideas, strategies, and thoughts for how effective Youth Ministry could be done in the surrounding community.
I believe, it's time to dream! It's a time to think BIG! It's a time for the prophets to rise up and speak boldly and positively into the Church. It's a time for leaders to rise up and cast visions that the Church yearns to follow.
No more struggling churches. No more aimless programs. No more management mindsets. No more of the status quo...
I dream of churches thriving. Churches reaching the lost with the message of Jesus. Churches connecting with communities to reform society. The Kingdom of God expanding into the Western World just as fast as in the East! Will you join this radical pursuit for God's love to impact the lives of the nations we live in? Will you not just talk the talk, but will you be challenged to walk it? Will you step into the calling God has placed on your life? No, I mean really... Will you step into it?
Just think... God called Abraham many thousands of years ago to take his son Isaac up a mountain to sacrifice him (Genesis 22). Abraham obeyed God, but just before he killed his son, an angel of the Lord stopped him. Then the Lord provided a Ram for the offering.
If the Lord calls you, he will provide. Dream big. Don't just talk it, transform it.

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