Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wisdom teeth are Dumb

Why did God create wisdom teeth? And who called them that? I have to get my 'wisdom' teeth removed next week which is not a heap of fun (especially trying to do study dosed up on pills)
Anyway, here's some of my other thoughts/questions lately:
* Why is abbreviation such a long word?
* Do we pray expecting God to answer?
* Is 'Praise and Worship' music all 'Worship'?
* Is the Salvation Army going to see revival again?
* Are we afraid to be too pentecostal?
* Do we have the integrity we preach about?
* Are some of us post post-modern?
* Why did I lose my hair at such a young age?
* 6 days creation, or a billion years?
* What about the person on the desert island that hasn't heard about Jesus?
* Are some people really born gay or not?
* Is John Howard too old to lead Australia in the next election?
* Should the period of 'elightenment' actually be called, 'endarkenment'?
* Does anyone really care about all these questions??!
Anyway, some of my thoughts... Discuss, talk and debate, so that we all come to a deeper understanding of God through this...

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