Sunday, May 20, 2007

Red Shield Appeal

Had a great day today. We raised about $5,000 just collecting on intersections between yesterday and today (Sat & Sun). My feet are killing me, but I feel like I've done my part the last few days...

I've been thinking a little about Salvo Corps that either support the Red Shield Appeal wholeheartedly and those that don't rally their community to get involved. Those that don't get involved argue that the money we collect goes to 'secular' welfare programs and not to support 'evangelical' work. This may be a valid argument in some instances, but is this lack of desire to support financially the social work of TSA creating a greater divide between evangelism and social? We are supporting the daily welfare of humanity through these funds, so we should support it with a great passion (as many do!) and then continue to work during the year at infiltrating the whole of our organisation with the gospel of Jesus!

If you're one of those minority that choose to neglect putting your all into the Red Shield Appeal. I say quite nicely... Repent! I mean it. Repent! We have the communities support to impact many lives. We are also part of a bigger Salvation Army. I understand you may be working your toosh off in your local Church, but TSA as a whole needs to work together for the good of humanity and for the salvation of the world. Get involved.

I had a ball today! If you were helping out too, I hope you had a great time! Jesus is alive!

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