Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Heart to God, Hand to Man

Here's a thought: In the Salvation Army, have we let our hand for man extend beyond our heart for God? That is, have we seeked to serve others so much so, that we have gone beyond our ability to disciple and therefore people serve in TSA without a relationship with Jesus?

There's a debate to be had here. We may know the 'Good Samaritan' story, that encourages us to help those in need. Now, do we continue to expand social ministries; even if we expand without Christian influence, but knowing that humanity will be better off in the physical realm? Or do we hinder the practical support for humanity, because we don't have enough Soldiers to fulfill the 'evangelical' task? What's your thoughts?

The big question is, how does the Salvation Army seek to move forward to integrate what we have segregated as Evangelical Ministry and Social Work (Corps & Social, Heart to God & Hand to man, etc)? Is merely employing Salvo Chaplains to fill secular Social Work enough?

No easy answers.

Integrate or Die.

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  1. The mission of The Salvation Army is "to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in his name..."

    The emphasis is clear...

    However the founder once said, quite rightly, "No one ever got saved with cold feet."

    In the book of James works and faith are intertwined, so it is with The Salvation Army.

    Much of the rest of the Christian Church can claim the same...

    Can yours?


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