Saturday, August 25, 2012

Daily Devotional - 25th August, 2012 - How to Find Hope

Daily Devotional - 25th August, 2012
There is always HOPE - Even when the chips are down and the walls are caving in. Whether the food in on the table or not, whether the bills are paid or not, whether there is health or sickness or not; there is always hope. That is my philosophy on hope. The is always enough hope to go around!
The question is, is there ever anyone beyond hope? I have a friend who works with individuals with mental illnesses. She says that even with major brain injuries, people have the ability to engage, learn and connect with at least something, even if it's just a 'wave' hello. I do not believe that there is one individual on this planet that is ever beyond hope. We might feel hopeless and unappreciated at times, but with a faith in God, we can have a greater sense of hope and purpose in life. No matter our situation, no matter our circumstances, we can cling to a God who loves us, and provided the ultimate expression of hope – Jesus Christ.
Ponder: Have you ever felt without hope? Who do you turn to?
Bible: Psalm 33:18-22


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