Friday, August 24, 2012

Daily Devotional - 24th August, 2012 - Keep your Faith to Yourself!

Daily Devotional - 24th August, 2012
‘I keep my faith to myself’ some people banter. Or ‘Yeah I go to church occasionally’.
The question is, ‘Is it possible to have a real, authentic Christian faith, and still have a private faith?’ Jesus speaks of the faith journey as one of sacrifice. One in which we give up your own life and follow him. Jesus did not speak of faith as simply a personal belief system, that helps you at home when you’re feeling depressed. No. The birth of Christianity in essence is about others, and about serving others, and sharing the message about Jesus to anybody. It is an outward, exciting faith that is meant to impact and transform both individuals and institutions. We can’t afford to have a private faith that does not impact those around us. In fact, you could argue, that a faith in God that does not impact those around it, is probably not really faith in God at all.  
If you’re looking into the faith thing, understand something. Jesus may well call you to a sacrifice that takes your new found faith out from the four walls of your home or church and into the community where you live.
Ponder: Is your faith shared and lived out regularly with people outside of your church or home?
Bible: Mark 8:34-38

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