Monday, August 27, 2012

Daily Devotional - 27th August, 2012 - An Everlasting Love

Daily Devotional - 27th August, 2012
How could God love someone like me? I know personally a good handful of people who have pondered that question. Maybe it's because they have had a colourful life, and they don't believe the forgiveness of God extends that far. Possibly it's because their picture of God is one of exclusivity; that is, God only loves a select few. I’ve got some news to tell you...
God in essence is a God of love. The Bible in fact says, that God has 'loved you with an everlasting love'. Or in the book of Romans in the Bible, it says, nothing can separate us from the love of God. Not even your deepest darkest secrets can separate you from experiencing the love of God. When you turn over your life to Jesus in prayer, God works in your life. That's the revolutionary idea; that no matter what your life has been like God still loves you with a love that is 'everlasting'. God loves you that much, that he sent Jesus to bring you an amazing, purposeful life.
Ponder: Why not reflect for a few moments on this idea: ‘I am loved by God, with an everlasting love...’
Bible: Jeremiah 31:3


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