Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Daily Devotional - 21st August, 2012 - You ARE Worthy

Daily Devotional - 21st August, 2012
You ask yourself, who am I to do that? You tell yourself, ‘I’m not worthy to fulfil that task.’ You make all the excuses under the sun, on why you shouldn’t do the very thing God is asking of you. See, here’s the thing, we should refrain from making the excuse that we are not good enough to do something.
Think of David, who became King David – he was an adulterer. Moses, who was asked to take the people of Israel out of captivity from Egypt – he was a murderer. What about Paul – he used to persecute new Christians, but ended up taking the message of Jesus to the surrounding Roman Empire!

See we don’t serve God because we are perfected humans. We serve God is our lives, because Jesus takes away our sins, and make us right and holy before God.  So, please don’t make the excuse that you’re not good enough, and not worthy enough, because through God, you have all you need to complete the task at hand.
Bible: Exodus 3:11-14

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