Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Daily Devotional - 15th August, 2012 - Imagine the Possibilities

Daily Devotional - 15th August, 2012
Imagine with me...  it's another Monday morning and as you wipe the sleep from your eyes and give your arms a stretch, you’re thinking one thing; ‘Will things be different this week?’ ‘Will I just coast through with the same old life, or will this week be something special?’ ‘Will this week entail anything of real significance...?  Well, really... it’s another week of opportunities.
* Another opportunity to help someone in need
* Another opportunity to be a blessing to your family
* Another opportunity to pray for God’s intervention
* Another opportunity to seek and to save that which is lost
* Another opportunity to put aside the mundane mediocrity of life and soar to new heights and possibilities. Don’t let it be just another week... Imagine with me, the possibilities...

Ponder: What opportunities exist for you in the next 7 days?
Bible: Acts 27:10-13

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