Monday, July 16, 2012

Social Media Usage in Australia - Latest Results

The 2012 Yellow Social Media Report was put together by Sweeney Research who interviewed a random selection of Australians about social media usage and small business.

A random 1,016 Australians were surveyed and they found the following:

  • 26% of Australians use Social Media everyday
  • 10% more than 5 times a day
  • 9% a few times a week
  • 38% Australians never use social media.
The most regular users of social media were found to be 20-29 year olds.

In relation to questions on small business, it was found that most Australians want the following offered to them on social media:
  • 64% want discounts
  • 54% want giveaways
  • 48% want product information
Social Media is here to stay and leaders who wish to make a difference, take notice! 

Well, I need to hurry up and post this blog, so that I have time to leverage my social media impact on the world...

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