Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Death of Stephen Covey - A Highly Effective Person

The news is out that writer and motivational speaker Stephen Covey has passed away (1932 - 2012). Known especially for   his writing of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and other books such as The 3rd Alternative and The 8th Habit, First Things First, Principle-Centered Leadership, Covey has inspired millions over the years.

Covey had a bicycle accident back in April from which he was knocked unconscious, and had complications arising from that. 

Sean Covey, commented on his father's death in an email to The Tribune"Our family, all nine kids and our spouses and my mom, were able to gather together again to be with him for the last few hours of his life, which is what he always wanted." 

The test of leadership is about the legacy that lives on, when the leader moves on. For Stephen Covey, many will be inspired for years to come with teaching that assisted people in being proactive, considering their personal mission and purpose in life, to create synergy in relationships, conflict resolution techniques and much more.

The technological world was shocked to hear the death of Steve Jobs back in October 2011, and this was someone known for creativity, tenacity and boldness. In the leadership/motivational field, Stephen Covey will be known as someone who worked tirelessly for people to develop understanding of each other, to inspire people to reach their full potential and in turn positively impact the world around them.

In remembrance of Stephen Covey, I offer the challenge to all my readers to work tirelessly for the good of humanity. To strive to be a better person, better husband or wife, a better parent, a better daughter or son, a better leader, a better listener, a better pray-er and a better follower.

God bless. 

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