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Leadership Snapshot from Nehemiah

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Nehemiah Leadership Principles

Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem many, many years ago. He was firstly confronted with a disturbing situation. The walls surrounding the place where his relatives were buried, and the home of the Jewish people, had been destroyed. 

We can glean some biblical leadership truths from the example of Nehemiah. 

Let's grab a hold of some Nehemiah leadership principles from the work of Nehemiah (found in the Book of Nehemiah - Bible)
    • Nehemiah had a cause to fight for (the walls of Jerusalem had been burnt to the ground). He had purpose, or a core mission).
    • Before Nehemiah embarked on any sort of public leadership, he spent time in prayer and fasting (The imperative for biblical leadership).
    • While in prayer, Nehemiah sought the forgiveness of God (Neh 1:6).
    • Nehemiah researched, or rather surveyed the area (albeit secretly) before he moved forward. (See John Maxwell's law of navigation here). (Maybe this echoes a little of what we call Strategic Planning today?)
    • Nehemiah's vision for change drove him to leave his home and go to Jerusalem and embark on a huge building project (Neh 2:5). We might label this visionary leadership today.
    • Nehemiah continued to stand despite the opposition (for example Sanballat and Tobiah). His perseverance and tenacity to finish the building of the walls of Jerusalem is inspiring. (The character traits of a leader that Nehemiah shows is helpful for us today). 
    • Nehemiah exemplified good leadership! He rallied helpers around him, delegated jobs, and continued to promote the vision for the rebuilding of the walls. (As a leader he created 'buy-in' to the vision or rather support for the vision. As a leader he knew the art of delegation. As a leader he continued to communicate the vision, because as they say, vision leaks!)
    • Nehemiah and the truck loads of volunteers celebrated their accomplishments when they completed the rebuilding of the walls. (Celebrate the wins, right? Leaders stop and smell the roses).
There's a quick snapshot of some Leadership principles from Nehemiah. Have a read of the book of Nehemiah today, and ask God to open your eyes to see the truth that lies within its pages. 

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  1. By the way Nehemiah rebuilt the walls in just 52 days! That's a lot of community support, good leadership capacity and the favour of God.


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