Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Grow your Blog Traffic by 300%

This is not a trick blog, nor some marketing technique to sell you my latest book. What I am about to tell you in relation to growing your blog traffic is absolutely true. I'm not a 'blog traffic' guru, but this may be worth reading.

The problem with this post, is that many of you will not like the answer. I believe the assertion I am about to make to be true and though it may be able to be debated by you, I am sticking by it 100%.

When I have followed the following, I have increased my blog readership by literally 300% or more per post. I bet you are intrigued.

Now, I am not a scientist, nor do I work as a statistician and I cannot verify what I am about to tell with with clear, scientific, empirical evidence. Maybe this post takes a little faith.

In fact, to grow your blog readership by 300% takes faith. Let me explain the premise of my discovery...

How to Grow your Blog Traffic by 300%.

Call me crazy, but EVERY BLOG I have written, where I have sensed a CLEAR PROMPTING from GOD to write that particular post, has generally had 300% higher traffic than other posts.

If you are not into the faith thing, stay with me for a few moments. I am merely trying to explain to you MY story. See, I am a Christian, and I ask God to reveal to me what I should blog about. Sometimes I sense nothing, and I blog about whatever I am passionate about (leadership, communication, the Bible, etc). The blog traffic literally goes up through the roof, when I have a deep, deep sense from the Holy Spirit (some of you know what I'm talking about!) about what to write about.

I wrote The Most Important Truth About Leadership after I sensed that God had said something into my spirit. Now the way I write the post is not really different to any other post, and the timing and way I promote the post was not any different. Though the blog traffic of this blogger post, has gone through the roof.

I wrote The Church will Grow back in January 2012, to explain a little move of God we had in our local Salvation Army church. Next thing I know, the blog went viral.

Now, there are many bloggers out there passionate about increasing blog traffic. And this says something about increasing your blog readership, sure. But it actually says something a lot deeper about the nature of God, and this intangible thing we call success. Let me attempt to sum it up here:
Any Godly success, perceived rightly or otherwise, will be directly proportionate to the believer's faithful response to the Holy Spirit's leading in their life.
You could spend the next few years attempting to increase your blog traffic. Go for it. You could spend your time finding tips on increasing your blog readership and rating on the top of Google. If that's your cup of tea, then great.

Though why not take a moment, and grow your faith in the one who created you.

Handing over your life, your blog and all that you have over to Christ, might just be the single biggest, most important thing you have done or will ever do.


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