Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ethics in Business: Nestlé Finally Stop The Traffik!

Finally we see some ethics in business.

Nestlé have made the decision to certify 100% of the cocoa that is used in Australia!

This is good news, and a good, ethical step for  Nestlé  - a company that has embroiled itself in ethical disasters over the years. Remember the selling of the formula in third-world countries to women who should have been breastfeeding?

I'm personally happy to see that  Nestlé will not just release ONE line of chocolate that is 'Fairtrade' or rather developed ethically. This is in a sense what Cadbury have done, with their release of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate with Fairtrade certification.

When will Cadbury ensure Australian consumers ALL of THEIR chocolate has ethical processes in place?

So, well done  Nestlé . You make all us Social Justice focused people proud. I'm sure you have further to go in reaching global ethical practices, but for now, we shake hands and say, 'Good one!'

 A Stop the Traffik email says:
'Nestlé announced in a letter to STOP THE TRAFFIK Australia that they will UTZ certify all their cocoa by the end of 2012. A number of international commentators have suggested that Nestlé’s decision to certify their Australian line first is a result of the intense lobbying pressure they received in Australia, greater than anywhere else in the world.' 
Contact Nestlé and say thanks: Click here.

Here's the dream: The vision should be for each and every company to be ETHICAL within EVERY segment of their business, and not just bow down to public pressure when the social justice advocates get too loud. This goes beyond just chocolate companies, but the Insurance companies, the Lawyers, the Accountants, the Military, and so the list goes on...

Ethics in business should simply just exist.  

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