Saturday, February 14, 2009

Worship in the midst of pain

I wrote a song yesterday. Why? Well, at our service tomorrow I want us to pray for the people affected by the bushfires in Victoria. I wanted a song to sing/play while we intercede for these families. I started to think of songs that spoke about the greatness of God and how God is great in all things, and the songs that say 'we worship you for the great things you've done', etc, etc. It must be pretty tough for a family thats just been through a tragedy to say, 'Thanks God for everything you've done'. Well here are the lyrics to the song I wrote. Maybe these words are just as confronting, and are just as difficult to reflect on, but I offer them here for anyone needing some encouragement.

Life is a Story
In the midst of the tragedy
In the midst of the pain
We question where you are.

In the midst of the fire
In the midst of the pain
We need your comfort again
We need your comfort again

(Chorus) Life is a story worth being told
You're with your people through it all
While things might not always go to plan
Jesus you're still the Saviour

In the heat of the moment
In the stress of the day
We know that you've been there

And we know there's a future
We know there's a hope
And we trust you with it all
We trust you with it all...

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  1. Thanks for sharing these words. They speak to me of the reality of life, and the place God has even when things aren't 'great'. I appreciated hearing them and think that there should be more songs that reflect this sentiment as I think they connect with the reality of people's lives. Thanks!


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