Wednesday, February 11, 2009


What can you say?

As I watch the news, read the Salvation Army press releases, and reflect on the blogs* I'm left with a awkward pit in my stomach. I sit here in the humidity of the Northern Territory, wondering, 'what can i do?' The only two things that came to mind, was to pray and to support the Bushfire tragedy financially. The Salvation Army have already raised over $5.5 million dollars for their Bushfire Appeal.

People up here are set to shop at Coles on Friday (all Friday's profits at Coles in Australia go to the Red Cross). The local cafe had shaker tins and people were digging deep. Buying their $8 lunch and throwing the $2 in the donation tin. It all adds up.

Thank you Lord that amongst this terrible tragedy people are seeking you out. Looking for refuge. Bring any firebugs to justice. Help your people help the needy.

Firsthand blogs on Bushfires in Victoria:

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