Sunday, February 1, 2009

When does 'Worship' end?

When we sit in church on Sunday, sing a few songs, quite often we close with a prayer which we label a 'benediction'. Some say it creates some finality to the worship service that just occurred.

I pondered this today, finding myself being concerned that we turn the 'worship time' off and on. We rock up to church Sunday morning and we turn the 'worship time' button on. We hear a benediction and we turn the 'worship time' button back off again. Since when is the worship of God merely a Sunday morning expression?

I want to challenge followers of Jesus to see that the worship of our creator God, is not merely a 90 minute ritualistic, liturgical 'worship time'. Sure, this time set aside for God can see lives transformed and sanctified - and it should. Our devotion to God will be mostly tested and proven in the ambiguities of life.

Set your mind on a 24/7 'worship time'. A whole life devoted to following and honouring the Saviour.

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  1. I spoke along similar lines in a Prayer Meeting yesterday morning. People come to Church and expect some prayer time but what about the rest of the week. Sundays prayers aren't going to see us through the whole week - we need to have our daily time alone with God and stay in an attitude of the prayerful heart throughout each day.


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