Friday, February 6, 2009

Some Salvation Army Stats

In 2009 The Salvation Army's presence is being felt in 116 Countries compared with 113 the year before.
At the start of 2007 (Globally) there were 1,082,166 Senior Soldiers and a year later at the start of 2008 there were 1,109,249 Soldiers. An increase of 27,083 Soldiers. Praise God.
At the start of 2007 there were 15,175 Corps, and a year later the amount fell to 14,869 ( Down 306).
Some more stats:
* No. of officers - Up 58.
* No. of Cadets - Up 5.
* No. of Junior Soldiers - Up 16,683
* No. of Prisoners visited - Down 74,612
* No. of pupils in Salvation Army Education - Up 10,835
* No. of people given General Welfare support - Down 113,567!

Interesting figures. Here's some food for thought:
--> With such an increase of Soldiers, why such a small increase of Officers?
--> Is Junior Soldiers the new thing??
--> I wonder why our Welfare support is down so significantly, or are our resources being pooled into different avenues?
--> Why can't the number of Corps climb dramatically? Healthy, reproducing Corps. Bring it on Lord.

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