Tuesday, February 24, 2009

God was in that...

Since starting our appointment at Palmerston Salvos, in the NT, Jo and I have experienced many times, the fact that God had played a part! Have you had those times? The times when you say, 'Wow, God was in that'.

Following our Sunday morning Church service, we thought we'd go get some Red Rooster from the Drive Thru. [This was obviously Jo's idea, I mean, I'm watching my weight!] Anyway, the young girl in the drive thru window looks at us, and says, 'Hey, are you guys the new Salvation Army ministers in town?'
'Ahh, well, yes we are...'
So we chat a little bit, and then while the chicken's cooking, Jo jumps out of the car and gets a newsletter out of the boot and gives it to the girl... What a time, where you say, 'God was in that.'
Tonight, we went to the wharf, by the water, to have some dinner. We're sitting there, telling a friend about this encounter with the girl at the drive-thru.
At our dinner time we decide we're gonna start a Youth Ministry!
We're licking our icecreams, when all of a sudden, we see the girl from the drive-thru! So we invite her to our Youth Group (even though it hasn't started yet). Got her number. She's excited. And, 'Wow, God was in that...'
By the way, we also thought of the name for our Youth Ministry; the Youth @ Palmy Army!
Thanks God for being in that.

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