Monday, February 2, 2009

Doing Life

Sometimes you hear this slogan tossed around - 'Doing life' - and you wonder what it means. Following a lovely night of having some new friends from the church come around for dinner, I thought again of this short phrase. 'Doing life'.

Do we complicate ministry, when really the mission we are called to is about connecting with people and connecting them with faith? We spent time around the dinner table, telling stories, crackin' jokes, talking about the amazing things God has been doing and exploring the possibilities of what God might do in the future.

Well, I'm pumped! I know I'm one for strategising and planning, and sharing the vision and empowering leaders. Yet, lets not forget that following Jesus is about 'Doing life' together. This doesn't encapsulate naturally all of what God's mission is about, but it surely a good place to start!

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