Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some more tidbits for you

I have started a Blog called: Palmerston Daily. It can be found on my blogroll at right. If you want to read about what's happening up north, then check this out. This is not going to be a personal blog about ministry in the Salvation Army. It will be aimed at connecting local residents to local issues and to advocate with and connect and inspire the local Palmerston Community.
The Aus. Southern Territories Mission:
* Transforming Lives
* Caring for People
* Making Disciples
* Reforming Society
Someone said today, they like the idea of the first words being 'action words', that is, we ARE transforming lives, we ARE caring for people. we ARE making disciples, we ARE reforming society.
Hard hitting and straight to the point. Knaggs and Court's Book called 'One Thing'. What's the premise. 'Win the World for Jesus'. Those four points above could be melded into that one line.
Three core practices of emerging churches: (1) Identifying with the life of Jesus, (2) Transforming secular space, (3) Living as Community. (Emerging Churches, Gibbs, p. 43-44).
If you're part of a Salvation Army congregation, please support your local church 'special offering' to support the Victorian Bush Fire Appeal.

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