Friday, February 20, 2009

Connecting with your Higher Power

There's an interesting program called 'Steps' which I was reminded of today while doing Chapel at the Sunrise Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Darwin. The 'Steps' program takes clients through 12 steps which help in the recovery of the client. The language used in the program is not of 'God' as such, but of a 'Higher Power'. It makes me think a little, here are some quick thoughts:

* Does the name 'God' matter? If it does, why? Is the name 'Higher Power' much different?
* Does the 'Steps' program neglect the message of the gospel, that 'Jesus is the way, the truth and the life'?
* Is it simply a way to communicate things of Christianity, to people who dislike the established church?
* Are the clients engaging with the same truth? A more watered down version of the truth? Is the gospel being shared in its fullness?

Hard to answer many of these questions, because some of the questions need exploring, e.g. what is the truth, what is the gospel, etc, etc. 'Steps' is a program that connects well with the clients who attend and I pray a blessing upon all those who are currently using the material.

Well, food for thought. Thanks to the guys at Sunrise for the opportunity to lead them in Chapel today.

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