Friday, May 30, 2008

Take the Plunge - Officership

In Commissioner Knaggs vision, outlined in the book One Day, he says, 'I have a dream that... our officer training programs would be taxed by the unusual response of the called to serve as officers in The Salvation Army. '

God needs warriors. He needs people willing to say, 'I'm here to serve', 'I'm here to lay down my life for the cause of Christ'. We are each called to follow Jesus, and I know many are called to step into a life The Salvation Army calls, 'Officership'. I'm believing for more than just the typical 10-20 Cadets to go into Training College. It's time for a new generation to understand their calling in life and then take the plunge. Scary, I know, I've been there. But 17-18months into Training, I'm feeling more and more equipped to be a leader in this Army... Lately, it feels as each day passes, God is cementing my calling in my heart...

For those attending Cadidate's Weekend in Melbourne AUS, I hope God blesses you heaps, and that God leads you and guides you to the place set for you...

1,000 CADETS IN 2009?!!!
All things are Possible through Jesus!

KENYA: 1,000 Cadets!
CANADA: 1,000 Cadets!
CHILE: 1,000 Cadets!
UK: 1,000 Cadets!
USA: 1,000 Cadets!
AUSTRALIA: 1,000 Cadets!
INDONESIA: 1,000 Cadets!
SRI LANKA: 1,000 Cadets!
INDIA: 1,000 Cadets!

Every Country, Every Territory. (Dream and organise big, and then we'll move forward faster than if we didn't dream at all!)


  1. Mat 28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

    Have you heard of being baptised in the Spirit, David - that's more important than washing your body... just my opinion!

    Also, be careful what you read, dont' just read stuff that agree's with what you want to hear to bring someone else down, there are plenty of twisted 'words' out there - read the word for yourself and let the Spirit speak to you from the only TRUE revealer of the 'truth'!

  2. The problem with relying on the Spirit is the inconsistency of messages claimed to have been revealed or inspired by the Holy Spirit. There is no known test to resolve contradictions.

    You're happy with bad belief? You'd prefer to be emotionally consoled rather than less ignorant? That's your choice, Stephen, but don't assume Pete is a wimp.

    I'm not indulging in personal attacks, Stephen, so please respond to the issues of belief.

  3. 1000 cadets - sounds great. Unfortunately none of these countries can afford to house and pay them, whether in their colleges or in appointments. There are practicalities to this sort of thing which those pushing the idea don't seem to address. And don't say this is a lack of faith, it isn't. Count the cost folks. GH

  4. Hey GH, I'm sure you could cough up some cash to cover tuition for a third-world Cadet even if it were just a couple of weeks worth!

    I heard recently that God has financially provided all that we need to do His mission, the problem is - its in our pockets.

    Perhaps the TACO trivia night, (being a small start) is God's answer to the financial needs of Cadets-in-training and colleges overseas! Is there room for a trivia night in your life? Can you give up some of the excesses of your life to fund the growth of the kingdom?

    I'm tired of small thinking, we humans are better than that...
    And even more... my God is the God of the IMPOSSIBLE, let alone the IMPROBABLE!!!! thats easy ;o)

    And you never know, maybe in reaching for the stars, we'll make it as far as the moon... thats still pretty cool!

  5. Hi Captains, I understand that it is tough for you to survive as an officer in your territory... We are advocating FOR you.... We can see the difficulty in finding funds within your own culture, which is why we advocate for Western Salvos to support those territories that can't fund all the Cadets that need training - we need do something about it. Its not enough for us to say 'it can't be done' then sit back and relax.

    I'm not sure how your TP has been insulted... who is he?
    In Australia we have an informal relationship with college staff, and are free to debate with them over various issues (which they welcome), there is no disrespect - it's our culture.

    Thanks for reading our blogs... its nice to have people from PNG interested in us. Bless you, and I pray that God will bring you love, peace and all you need to do His work.


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