Thursday, May 1, 2008

SALVO Purpose

Well I said I would outline my acronym, and what it means to me. Just to recap:


Speaker - I want to ask God to use me to communicate the message of Jesus to people more effectively and to use me to open up God's word into people's lives, so that they understand the gospel of Jesus.

Apostle - I believe that from Ephesians 4:11 - that some are called to be Apostles, some Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teaches. An apostle is someone that is sent from God, and someone God would use to Plant new communities of faith, innovate new expressions of ministry, etc. I ask that God would use me effectively as an Apostle, through his empowering presence!

Leader - I don't want to merely be a follower. Jesus is the ultimate leader, and I believe I have an obligation to lead other people to him. To lead teams that will fulfill the visions placed on their hearts, to lead congregations to fulfil God's Great Commission (Go into all the World and make Disciples). To multiply and not merely add (or dare I say subtract).

Visionary - Nehemiah had a vision of the walls of Jerusalem being rebuilt. David, the vision of a Temple. Paul, saw a vision of Jesus on the road to Damascus. Daniel had a vision of the end times. I ask God help me work towards fulfilling the visions he places on my heart. Without vision the people wander aimlessly (proverbs 29:18).

Organiser - I enjoy examining the effectiveness of Church structures, and the times taken to make decisions, improving the local churches structures to facilitate and encourage growth and innovativeness and not to supress vision, or empowerment of leaders.

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