Monday, May 5, 2008

115 Countries and more to go!

Salvation for the whole world! The message of Jesus must infiltrate every part of our world. The Salvation Army has begun work this year in Mali and Namibia. There are still many northern parts of Africa that need to be reached.

Have a passion for the world. Start a new small group. Tell someone about Jesus. Bring fairtrade coffee to a local supermarket. Collect $1,000 for the Red Shield Appeal. Support a TACO Trivia Night (Coming in September).

Start a Revolution!


  1. Why support fairtrade when free trade is a morally superior alternative?

    It is free trade that will make a greater improvement to a greater number of people lives.


  2. Tell me how to support free trade as you say, and I'll give it a go.
    Freetrade is an attempt to actually do something about unfair wages, as opposed to sitting back and merely saying, 'we want the world to be a better place' and not doing much about it.

    I like it where the article says, “Economic growth, trade, investment and productivity are not ends in themselves but a means towards human flourishing and, ultimately, glorifying God”.

    What are you doing David?

  3. I don't think anyone is saying that fairtrade is the only and ultimate answer - it's simply a journey to begin to challenge an economic system that favours the wealthy at the expense of the poor.

    something has to be done - and fairtrade is a great effort to that end... I think even the launchers of the fairtrade movement will consider it a success when developing countries are able to enter the freetrade markets and participate at the table as equals... but there is a long journey there - and fairtrade can help them on their way!

  4. I want to help start the salvos in as many of those other countries as possible! how fun would that be?


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