Monday, May 5, 2008

The Characteristics of Missional Leaders

Here's some characteristics of leaders who are mission-minded:
* Commitment
* Big Thinker
* Positive Thinker
* Decision Maker
* Self Control
* Enthusiastic
* Visionary
* A Man/Woman of God
* Can use Humour
* Open to Change - Creates change
* Ability to delegate and build teams
* Servanthood
* Know where they are heading
* Stick-ability

There's a list I found recently. How do you stack up with this list? See, we aren't called to just be servants, but I believe servant leaders; not just visionaries, but team-builders to implement visions; not just enthusiastic people, but one with a purpose; not just open to change, but drives change.

Bring justice to the oppressed. Bring the gospel to the lost. Lay your life down to God's Mission in the world.

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