Thursday, May 15, 2008

Your Mission, if you choose to accept it...

I may be a little weird, but I enjoy reading Mission Statement's of Churches and businesses. Whenever I walk into a church, I seek out their mission statement. Why? It defines what the group is on about, its purpose, its direction. So what is a good Mission Statement for a church?

I have read some that go similar to this:
* We aim to provide a friendly place where believers are loved and supported and where we care for those in our community.
Do you see that this statement is missing some things? It seems this church is more interested in merely loving and supporting its members, than empowering them to achieve something greater. What if the mission was something like this:
* Our corps aims to lead people to faith in Jesus, making committed disciples of Jesus, and reconciling the World to God through justice and grace.

Our Mission Statements are there to empower Church members to fulfil a purpose. To reach a dying world with the dynamic message of Jesus. To bring justice to the afflicted.

Revolutionary Mission Statements are not about self, they are about transforming the lives of others, and not are not just about 'reaching the lost', but about helping the lost become followers of Jesus, and about reforming society.


  1. hi pete it is cj here nice blog talk 2 u soon


  2. i like these two..

    win the world for Jesus


    empowering a generation to save a generation


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