Friday, September 7, 2012

We need Blokes like Joseph

So the story goes like this. Mary conceives miraculously of a child through the Holy Spirit. Joseph wants to move on, and divorce her quietly, but with some words from an angel, Joseph sticks by Mary. What an embarrassment it must have been for Joseph. For Mary to have a child so young must have had the town talking. I’m sure the local gossip would have been enjoying spreading the news.

I wonder how often Joseph thought about whether he should really trust Mary. I wonder how often he considered how he could get out of the situation. Yet Joseph made a choice. He chose to stay with Mary through the thick and thin.

We need blokes like Joseph today. You know what I mean, blokes who will stick by their partner even when the circumstances are tough. Blokes who will patch things up and make it work. Blokes who will humble themselves to be the best partner they can be, for the good of the relationship. This kind of trust, faithfulness and commitment surely characterised Joseph’s life, maybe it will characterise yours?

Ponder: Do you relate to Joseph’s story and his choice to stick with Mary?

Bible: Matthew 1:18-25

Daily Devotional - 7th September, 2012


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