Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Grace of God - Has God already been Gracious to you?

Who can describe the grace of God? Who can even begin to consider the complexities of what the grace of God is like?
Christians are fallen, broken people who have handed or continue to hand over their sin-problem to Jesus. The amazing story that arises from that is that God is incredibly gracious in the attitude and response of God to us. God is full of grace. Our sin does not separate us from the love or presence of God. Jesus took on our sin at the cross.

The Psalmist offers this prayer, ‘May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us…’ (Psalm 67:1). In Jesus God has been gracious. In him, we find hope and forgiveness. While I encourage you to pray that God might bless you and empower you, and strengthen you, the thought that goes through my mind, is that Christ has already shown you grace. We can pray God be gracious to us, but through that, maybe God will simply reveal to us, the grace that has already been lavished upon us from the cross of Jesus.
God's expression of grace was shown when Jesus lived, ministered, died, rose and ascended into heaven.
Ponder: Has God already been gracious to you?
Bible: Romans 3:21-24
Daily Devotional - 5th September, 2012


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