Sunday, September 2, 2012

Daily Devotional - 2nd September, 2012 - Just a Name on a List?

Daily Devotional - 2nd September, 2012

When we go to a movie, we don’t normally watch the credits. I mean, who sits there and tediously reads the hundreds of names of people who worked to put the movie together? The fact is, we have no interest. We don’t know the names, and have no bit of curiosity that makes us sit and watch the names scroll on by. That is, of course, unless you are part of the production of the movie.

At a launch of a movie, the credits are the main thing! It’s where the workers cheer and applaud each other for their hard work. It’s where the recognition flows, and the pats on the backs are made.
In the Bible there are a few lengthy passages of lists of names. We call them the genealogies. We have no interest. They’re like credits of a movie for us. But God knows each of those names and knows all about them and God values them. God knows the list of names intimately, and God is interested in each one of them.

See, you are valued by God, and are not merely a name on an employee chart, or the middle child of a large family. God knows your name, and God knows who you are. In fact, God created you just the way God wanted to...

Ponder: “I am not simply a name on a list. I am not insignificant to God.”

Bible: Matthew 1:1-17


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