Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Leadership is not a Dirty Word

When you think of leadership, what comes to mind? For many, leadership conjures up images of authoritarianism, control and bureaucracy. This view of leadership is a top-down view, that involves generally the CEO, manager, commander-in-chief, etc, who wield the decision making power, and are in charge of shaping and leading an institution.

I argue that leadership need not be seen that way, especially in a negative sense.

What if we took a different view? What if the God-given capacity to lead a group of people to fulfil a particular God-given cause, came from anyone willing to be used by God in that capacity? What if that leadership was expressed in a myriad of different ways and contexts? I have read stories of teenagers changing the course of history, because of their courage to stand for their convictions. I have seen people of many different personalities, ages and cultures become leaders, not because of some institutional position afforded to them by an organisation, but because of a passion to take people on a journey to make a difference.

Leadership need not be authoritarian.

Leadership can and should be life-giving, purposeful, compassionate and overall a tremendous privelege.

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