Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Modelling Agency has my Number

I know the modelling agencies will knock me back. I mean I haven't tried to apply, but I am confident my runway skills will not be up to scratch. Then of course, there's the lack of hair, which of course rules me out of ever helping to sell Palmolive to the masses. Some of you are thinking, 'What about the looks Pete, and the slim figure needed for such a job?' Well, like I said, I haven't applied, and I would not want to assume their answer...

I am not offended by this. I understand that modelling agencies have particular values and rules that govern its industry. Without some sort of framework to operate within, the whole industry would collapse.

Is this not similar to the Christian faith? Churches, that represent God's people on earth, have frameworks that are used to create a sense of stability and cohesion. Without a holiness code, would anything simply be acceptable? Without doctrinal statements, would any theological presupposition be adhered to? Without any rules governing the ordaining of people into Christian leadership, would anyone simply be suitable?

It's not that these frameworks are wrong. They are not. They are just open for abuse. They are at times overly-regulated by people. They are set up by broken people, who are in need of a Saviour.

I am not offended by these operational frameworks that for the most part are led by the Holy Spirit to help govern particular faith communities. Let it be sharpened by other people of faith and the wider community. Let the Word of God inform the necessary changes. Let it not become a beuracracy but merely a way to bring focus to the task at hand.

Modelling agencies do not offend me with their values and rules. Either does the church.

By the way...

A modelling agency has my number.  

Daily Devotional - 6th September, 2012


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