Thursday, November 29, 2007

Win the World for Jesus

This year I have occassionally fallen into a relaxed attitude about the ministry of The Salvation Army. Comfortable with how things are. Spending a considerable amount of time theologising about minstry I'm not particularly helping with overly much. Interesting position I've found myself in. But things are changing for me... Let me tell you why.

I've heard a statement recently, that I've heard before, and during Connections it has really hit my heart. It's the statement... 'WIN THE WOLRD FOR JESUS'. After spending some time studying the ins and outs of Mission in Salvation Army contexts and abroad, I am loving this statement.

If we win the world for Jesus, everyone is saved for starters. Not just that. Communities are transformed. Global warming would be a declining issue. Poverty would be non-existent. Human Trafficking would be a fleeting historical event which no longer applies to humanity. Reconciliation; Salvation; Justice. It encapsulates all this.

We win the whole World for Jesus. Every part. Every community. A big vision. A big dream. A future reality? Let the Revolution begin...

Lord, renew in us a deep, deep passion for winning the world for Jesus. It is time for a Revolution.

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